Driving Health Equity in the Workplace: A Conversation with Deloitte’s Dr. Jay Bhatt & Dr. Elizabeth Baca

Organizations need to develop an executable roadmap to drive towards their vision. What are some of the questions, organizational leaders should ask themselves about their workplace to develop their health equity vision?

  1. How are you going to measure success?
  2. What will you prioritize to get to success?
  3. What activities will help move the initiative forward?
  4. Are you getting the results you want to see?

If not, be open to using real time data, listen, experiment, and change to get better results.

The Opportunity:

Inequity, discrimination, and bias have no place in the workplace. Yet, unfortunately, they remain, and these problems have been proven to take a heavy toll on the health and well-being of employees, organizations and their community.  Significant improvement in the health of employees should be expected when workplaces focus on equity. And conversely, stressors from discriminatory practices can negatively affect employees emotional, psychological, and physical health. Some employers are taking action to eliminate health inequities and will continue to do so. However, progress should be made on a broader scale to help truly achieve health equity.

Inequities in the US health system cost approximately 320 billion today and could eclipse to 1 trillion in annual spending by 2040. If left unaddressed, inequities across the US health system limit underserved people’s access to high quality care, create avoidable costs and financial waste that spans society and can impact every individual’s potential to achieve health and wellbeing.

Listen to the Inclusive Enterprise Podcast Driving Health Equity in the Workplace: A conversation with Deloitte’s Dr. Jay Bhatt & Dr. Elizabeth Baca’ to learn best practices organizations can execute to build toward health equity.

Inclusive Leaders Group encourages its listeners to access the public facing resources available at the Deloitte Health Equity Institute, including multiple playbooks and research reports @deloitte.com.

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