Building a DEI Learning & Development Strategy for Enterprise Growth: A Conversation with Dr. Theoria M. Cason

There is a missed opportunity, growth potential unrealized …. opportunity left on the table…

It’s Refresh

  • Back to School….
  • Back to Basics.…
  • Back to the Business of Learning….

Q: How do we know it’s time? When we notice:

  • DEI is NOT connected to the Business Strategy or Culture of Continuous Learning in your organization.
  • DEI Learning and Development is NOT integrated into the overall strategic business plan and daily operations, as a competitive advantage to attract, and retain talent, consumers, and enhance the communities served.

Q: How can we stop missing opportunities? 

Q: How can individuals and organizations reach their full potential?

  • Join me and my special guest, Dr. Theoria M. Cason as we discuss the challenges, root cause, and a path forward on the Inclusive Enterprise Podcast..
  • Taking a serious approach to cultivating a strategy, with measurable goals is fundamental to DEI. It’s inclusion work that reduces costs through retention strategies and brand awareness.
  • Learning and Development is part of this intentional and holistic approach.  Dr. Cason, is a fellow Cornellian and Inclusive Leaders Group Senior Consultant.  She is a talented Certified Diversity Professional, Transformational Coach, Global Citizen, Author, Speaker and Strategic Disrupter and shares her perspective.

Q: What more do we know? 

  • Today’s workforce wants to learn and grow.
  • Shifting from unconscious training sessions to a strategic DEI plan to grow individuals and the business is essential for organizational development.
  • Evolving from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset is a culture shift that takes time that yields positive results.
  • Making a commitment to continuous learning increases your knowledge, supports every employee’s ability to contribute to actionable strategies to solve problems and maximize potential.
  • Effectively communicating with people from different cultures, can be the difference between success and failure in business, healthcare, education, and beyond.

Q: What more can you do to continue to learn and grow? 

  • Find Valuable Tips and Tools on Cultural Competence from Theoria .

“Cultural Competence: What it is, Why it’s important, and How to Develop it” by Dr. Theoria Cason is a book that guides leaders in enhancing their cultural sensitivity, emphasizing the importance of open-mindedness, active listening, and acceptance of diverse perspectives. With a focus on inclusivity, readers gain insight into cultural competence, learning to understand their own cultural identity and respect other cultures without judgment.

“Cultural Competence: The Playbook” by Dr. Theoria Cason is a companion book to “Cultural Competence: What it is, Why it’s important, and How to Develop it.” It offers practical guidance for individuals seeking to actively improve their cultural competence, featuring self-assessments, actionable tips, and affirmative statements to foster self-understanding and challenge implicit biases. The playbook covers topics such as cultural humility, color bravery, empathy, and active listening, providing readers with a comprehensive resource for personal growth in this area.”

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