Our Approach

We take a holistic and integrated 3-phased approach to build or enhance a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging culture.

  1. First we understand where you are now and where you want to be from a cultural perspective.
  2. Second we co-create a tailored strategic solution through our insight driven process.
  3. And lastly we partner and guide you to determine pragmatic success outcomes to sustain positive culture change.

What does the path to an equitable and inclusive culture look like?

Based on a Deloitte survey of 245 global organizations and more than 70 client interviews, this four-level maturity model describes the evolution of diversity, equity, and inclusion and what companies should do to move from a compliance emphasis to a strategic focus in order to create a truly inclusive culture.

This DEI maturity model shows that the most effective way to achieve significant gains is through leadership ownership, strategic measurement, and a culture of accountability for inclusion that is driven from top to bottom.

Inclusive Leaders Group uses this DEI Maturity Model to advise clients “where they are now” and ”where they want to be” through their DEI strategic plan.

Our Vision of Success Model

We take a performance consulting approach to helping the performance of leaders and the organization as a whole that emphasizes achieving clearly identified business goals. Our Vision of Success framework is designed to help clients determine their unique and authentic vision, mission, values, and direction of their present and future DEI strategy and initiatives.

The Inclusive Enterprise Model®

The Inclusive Enterprise Model® draws on our experience and our knowledge of DEI best practices in your industry to inform your DEI strategy. Whether you’re at the beginning of your DEI journey, or want to take your existing DEI strategy to the next level, you need guidance on how to address particular DEI challenges, we provide you hands-on expert advice for your DEI journey.