Dismantling Systemic Racism To Advance Health Equity – A Conversation with DeAnna Minus-Vincent & Tracy Parris- Benjamin

While a lot has changed this year.. . at the same time, a lot remains ‘in a holding pattern’ or worse, in the reverse.

Q: How do you stay focused and push for positive change with persistent obstacles in your path to progress?

In this episode of the Inclusive Enterprise Conversation Podcast, I sat down with two dynamic Black women, warriors of DEIB, to hear their perspectives and shared purpose, empowering all people, needing access to care to reach the highest quality of life, in these challenging times.

My special guests include, a leader with an accomplished career in Government and Healthcare, most recently as Executive Vice President, Chief Social Justice & Accountability Officer of the largest, most comprehensive health system and provider in NJ, DeAnna Minus-Vincent.  The other distinguished leader, was the first officer, Senior Director of Health Equity and Community Equity for a national healthcare payor, insurance company in NJ, Tracy Parris-Benjamin.  We discussed their life changing experiences, how their careers intersected and inspired their path forward.

DeAnna Minus-Vincent is Founder and Managing Director with Tracy Parris-Benjamin serving as Managing Partner of The Outcomes Architect— a strategic advisory firm that executes across sectors to optimize leadership; leverage relationships; and gather insights to improve organizational results. Their aim is to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions that are integrated, equitable, and sustainable to empower companies and communities they serve. They proactively equip organizations with the tools necessary to architect their own successful outcomes!

Understanding systemic racism and how to eliminate it, requires a wholistic approach and key steps to advance health equity for visible impact. It requires policy and practice review, before addressing drivers of health.  It’s essential that this work moves beyond programs and training, and is grounded in data analysis of current mindsets and human behavior, with clearly articulated outcomes for sustained change.

Together they create solutions that demand honest feedback, deal with current reality, recognize the daily lives of employees and communities they serve and the barriers to living a quality life. Both are driven to dismantle policies and practices that get in the way of healthy living and rebuilding equitable organizations’ to achieve their vision and mission.

Join the conversation. Listen to this enlightening episode. It’s a must for leaders to recognize and empower employees, improve productivity and understand what your greatest assets need for greater impact in their professional and personal lives, and provide a stronger sense of purpose and prosperity.



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