The Power of Continuous Listening – a Conversation with Sanja Licina, PhD, President QuestionPro Workforce

Listen Carefully and Continuously for Better Results and Competitive Advantage.

That may seem obvious and simple, yet in today’s tumultuous business environment, leaders can occasionally lose their focus and experience lower self-awareness. That’s where asking questions and gaining answers from others with unique perspectives drives improvement to achieve better outcomes.

One extraordinary leader who demonstrates these positive attributes of listening intently, authentically, and responsively is Sanja Licina, PhD, President of QuestionPro Workforce.

She takes listening to a higher level by building bridges, connecting people, uncovering concerns, with empathy to co-create, sustainable solutions for mutual benefit. How? By cultivating an inclusion and belonging mindset. She is a citizen of the world, a person ‘who never met a stranger.’  Is easy to get to know, and eager to know the points of view of others, to learn from and grow people, organizations, and communities.

It was an absolute honor to sit down with my special guest, Sanja Licina, to discuss her life, work, passion, and the power of listening when embedded in organizations’ processes, as a priority to support an inclusive and belonging culture.

Sanja Licina, Ph.D. is an Organizational Psychologist and President at QuestionPro Workforce, a global leader in online survey and research services. In this role she has overall responsibility for driving growth, product development and client satisfaction for Workforce Experience. Sanja has 20 years of experience as an executive and senior leader in high-growth organizations. For nine years she held multiple strategic roles at CareerBuilder, including product management, talent intelligence and workforce analytics. Prior to joining QuestionPro she led the Future of Organizations unit at Globant, a company that leverages digital-cognitive technologies to help companies transform. Early in her career she was a researcher for Ipsos and a consultant for Harvard Business School.

She is also a member of the distinguished Forbes Human Resource Council.

In this episode of the Inclusive Enterprise Conversations Podcast, Listening Continuously, talks about maximizing benefits.

Don’t miss this revealing conversation and key takeaways:

  • How continuous listening can establish or invigorate effective DEI Strategy and business growth
  • Recognize personal values and beliefs evolve over time for leaders and employees
  • Leaders engaging more employees in decision-making can lead to faster and more meaningful change
  • Building exceptional experiences and workplace cultures begins with leaders’ human connection, reflection, observation, innovation, and retention focus

Actively and consistently listening to employees demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, making them feel valued and heard. When employees believe their voices matter, they are more likely to stay with the organization, leading to higher talent retention rates, which is an important concern for DEI, HR, and senior leaders!

As Sanja says ‘Most of us spend so much of our lives working, and there is still a tremendous opportunity to help people feel better connected to their companies, to their colleagues, and to feel passionate to make a difference with their work. So, I dedicated my career to helping companies create a culture that employees love to be a part of.’

Who better than Sanja and her team to lead the way, modeling the behaviors, actions and shared knowledge with resources to empower organizations and individuals to reach their full potential. ILG and QuestionPro share the same commitment.
If you seek answers to current or potential problems, and are data-driven, with empathy for others’ experiences, technology can enable action that breaks down barriers and leads to a path to continuous improvement. Listen to this enlightening conversation about the power of continuously listening as a strategy, a core value, and competitive advantage at work and in life.
Check out the QuestionPro Workforce site for more information.

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