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Our team of consultants bring a broad and practical array of strategic advisory expertise, lived experiences, and passion to your solutions. Each organization has unique DEI challenges, vision, and long-term objectives. We tailor our approach and deliverables for each client.

We help our clients recognize, custom-tailor, and execute sustainable talent and organizational strategies that quantifiably improve the employee experience. Simply put, an employer of choice is a company that candidates want to work for and where employees want to stay and grow. Some of the defining characteristics of employers of choice are inclusive leadership, equitable and competitive pay, and an attractive company culture that is inclusive of team members from different backgrounds who feel a sense of belonging.


DEI assessment is a critical step to long-term success, as it provides a data-driven understanding of your current state around diversity, equity, and inclusion to guide decision-making and action planning.

Our most successful clients begin with our DEIB Assessment & Roadmap. We help you understand how you’re doing across all areas of DEIB, learn specific actions for improvement, and take the first steps.

Our mixed-methodology approach to the assessment process provides for the efficient integration of quantitative and qualitative data within a single evaluation. This may involve focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs), or listening sessions (LS) in addition to a quantitative online survey.

After completing our DEIB assessment, you can expect:

  • An understanding of your current state of DEIB throughout the employee experience
  • A comprehensive, long-term strategy to measurably increase DEIB across your organization
  • Customized actions to target improvement across all aspects of the talent lifecycle based on your specific situation

By using the above mixed-mode approach and a continuous listening architecture, Inclusive Leaders Group clients receive a comprehensive understanding of the current state as a baseline within your DEI journey.

Strategic Planning

Once the assessment and recommendations are finalized, Inclusive Leaders Group will provide a strategic framework based on the data and customized to align with your organization’s overall business strategy and DEI vision. Then we guide and partner with you to finalize the comprehensive strategic goals, objectives, timelines, initiatives, associated measurement, and evaluation process within a sustainable multi-year strategic plan. The outcome of this engagement includes practical, actionable, next steps to:

  • Create clarity regarding the strategic direction of DEI within the organization
  • Align DEI strategic plan with overall business strategic plan
  • Provide a three-year framework from which annual DEI plans can be developed
  • Build a culture of belonging
  • Attract, retain, and advance the best talent
  • Develop and grow new markets
  • Gain recognition in your industry and the communities you serve

DEI Council and/or BRG/ERG Optimization

Whether creating a strategic playbook based on best practices or facilitating a full-day planning meeting, ILG expert facilitators are well-equipped to lead or guide organizational-wide strategic planning efforts to collectively derive elements of effective and high-performing ERG/BRG and DEI Councils. We are experienced in both formation and reinvigoration strategies. Our goal is to guide clients toward strategic frameworks that not only further their success but intersects with the organization’s overarching business strategy ensuring complete alignment.

Inclusive Leaders Group’s DEI Council & BRG/ERG consulting provides organizations with the tools, expertise, methodology and professional assistance that positions your DEI Council & BRG/ERGs Councils to be more effective. Effectiveness means that they are empowered to be an expert resource in executing the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy as a viable aspect of the business strategy.

We partner with HR or DEI teams or can work one-on-one with individual DEI Council/BRGs/ERGs to craft the DEI Council/BRG/ERG value proposition, establish the DEI Council/BRG/ERG charter, re-engage inactive DEI Council/BRGs/ERGs, create a sustainable infrastructure, and connect BRG/ERG strategies and activities to specific business outcomes.

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