How To Set DEI Performance Goals For Representation and Achieve Them

Often, when an Executive, HR leader, or D&I leader connects with our team at Inclusive Leaders Group, collectively, they want to know how they can strengthen diversity in their organizations.

Their goal is usually to increase hiring of employees from underrepresented groups, usually women and minorities, with the idea to start a diversity-focused mentoring program that pairs underrepresented employees with leaders. This is a great idea as valid and reliable research reports affirm mentorship increases female and minority employees’ confidence and satisfaction with their jobs.

But is a mentorship program always the answer to all your diversity challenges? To answer this you need to have clear diversity goals.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has evolved from a “nice-to-have” to a mission-critical component for organizations to progress and stay competitive in the global market.

Why is it Important for Workplaces to Have Performance Goals for Representation?

By setting DEIB performance goals, organizations can measure their progress toward creating an equitable workplace and hold themselves accountable for achieving their objectives. This helps to ensure that the organization is making systemic and long-term changes.

It is important to establish diversity and inclusion goals within your company because the two are deal-breaker when recruiting new talent. Both Gen Z and millennials agree that they are less likely to take on a job if the company does not have diversity in leadership roles.

For example, in 2020, KPMG announced plans to increase the overall representation of Black and Latinx employees by 50% in 2025. Three years in, the professional services firm has made progress sponsorships and succession planning. According to its latest impact plan, more than 50% of KPMG’s new U.S. partners in its 2023 promotion class are from underrepresented groups.

Communicating these Representation goals with employees allows them to have a sense of belonging and make a difference to make the company a better place for everyone. Additionally, these goals allow employees to feel empathy and connected.

DEI Performance Goals

Companies Doing the Work to Increase Representation of Women in STEM Careers

  • Electronic Arts is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment and is committed to building a culture of inclusion that enables positive experiences for their employees and players alike. Across EA, women are building the technology blueprint that will power the future of play. Within their company, the Women’s Ultimate Team ERG was founded as a place for women to support each other alongside male allies to increase female presence in the gaming industry. EA Studios’ leadership team is now half female. EA is also strongly committed to pay equity and recognizes that part of DEI is compensating workers fairly based on the work that they perform. “We’re committed to continuing to pay equitably as well as learning, evolving, and implementing practices that promote fairness.”
  • Hershey’s Pathway’s Project aims to increase diversity by implementing new hiring policies, improving access to education for Black and Brown communities, and providing unconscious bias training, mentorship, and commercial leader development to recognize and cultivate previously underrepresented talent.
  • Sales Force is currently achieving 50% representation of women in their workforce by 2023 and also doubling the representation of underrepresented groups in leadership positions by 2023. The company is increasing Black and Latinx representation by 50% in the U.S. workforce by 2023 and its equality groups provide a deeper sense of belonging and community, and more inclusive environments, teams, and leaders.


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How To Set DEI Performance Goals For Representation and Achieve Them


Often, when an Executive, HR or D&I leader connects with us, collectively, they want to strengthen diversity in their organizations.

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