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Executive Education

C-level Executive Team and Direct Reports

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are critical issues faced by organizations of all sizes across all industries. Most organizations have made slow progress towards them in recent decades, but societal and cultural shifts in the last few years have accelerated the pace of change — and along with it, an increased need for executive commitment to DEIB as a business imperative.

A clearly defined, well-articulated Vision of Success, which is strongly supported by the C-level executives and their direct reports, helps all organization stakeholders buy-in and become actively involved in achieving DEIB success. Senior leaders are expected to articulate the business case for DEIB, lead all employees towards a sustained commitment to DEIB, encourage all employees to value differences, and sponsor and support DEIB strategic initiatives.

“Alameda Health Sytem’s (AHS) partnership with Inclusive Leaders Group (ILG) on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has had a significant impact on our organization. Through ILG’s Healthcare Executive DEI Commitment Journey course, tailored specifically for AHS, our C-level executive team and their direct reports became fully aligned around our commitment to DEI, not only as an important part of the workplace culture, but as a key business strategy for our future success. Charlotte Hughes is passionate about workplace inclusion, reducing health disparities, and advancing health equity, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ILG to another organization.”

– Lorna Jones, Chief Human Resources Officer, Alameda Health System (AHS)

Leadership and Management Development

Mid-level Leaders and Frontline Managers

An inclusive workplace is one where employees feel valued, involved, and respected for the viewpoints, ideas, perspectives, and experiences they bring. In an inclusive work culture, employees know they’re an integral part of the organization, and believe that differences in backgrounds, social identities, and life experiences are a strength, not a weakness.

To create the momentum needed to become an inclusive workplace, change needs to happen at scale, starting with all leaders. Inclusive leaders will identify potential and leverage the differences within diverse teams to achieve better business performance.

In addition to traditional leadership skills, inclusion-focused values and traits are critical for senior executives, mid-level leaders, and frontline managers navigating a diverse corporate landscape.

Learning and Development

All Employees

Why have so many organizations failed to make progress on workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging? Too often, the problem is that their DEIB efforts are divorced from their other talent and leadership strategies. To make real progress, they need to be integrated.

At ILG, we collaborate with you to first develop the skills and behaviors your leaders and employees need to be inclusive in their everyday work. Second, we help you bring objectivity to your hiring and promotion decisions and reduce bias. Finally, we equip individual contributors to become allies for each other, and empower their bosses to become effective inclusive leaders. The outcome is a sustainable culture of belonging, innovation, and profitable growth…an Employer of Choice.

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