Why Companies Should Rethink & Reframe their Approach to DEI – a Conversation With Fields Jackson, Jr.

Q:”Where are we regarding DEI, where do we want to be, and how to get there? There is a need for employers to take a holistic, broader view of diversity, and develop inclusive leaders in 2024.”

  • On the latest episode of Inclusive Enterprise Conversations Podcast, Charlotte Hughes of Inclusive Leaders Group sat down with Fields Jackson Jr., CEO, Chief Cheerleader & Talent Scout of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine and President, College Diversity Network
  • Racing Toward Diversity magazine showcases the best DEI initiatives being made today. Written with business and educational audiences in mind. Stories highlight messages from influential leaders and their organizations…
  • The College Diversity Network helps organizations become more diverse from top to bottom by bringing more diverse candidates into their entry level talent pipelines…
  • This thought-provoking conversation is a must-listen for anyone passionate about reimagining belonging and driving change in these turbulent times…
  • Focused on the company culture, talent management, leadership behavior, and business growth benefits of DEI
  • Gaining different perspectives and ideas to increase creativity & innovation, profitable growth, and how to become an Employer of Choice
  • Listen to “Why Companies Should Rethink & Reframe their Approach to DEI a conversation with Fields Jackson, Jr.

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