Strategy Development

Building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is complex and organizations often struggle with execution.

As a leader, you understand the importance of developing business strategy with advice from experts. Your strategy for workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion are no different.

Inclusive Leaders Group strategy development engagements will ensure that you are prepared to plan, implement, communicate, and achieve your DEI goals and objectives.

Our team of certified diversity, equity, and inclusion experts are here to help you succeed!

Using our performance consulting framework, we learn about your current environment and future goals and develop customized strategy development consultations based on your needs. Below are two to four of our partnership options.

Don’t Go It Alone With Your DEI Strategy. Go With The Experts.

Our Flagship Strategy Offerings

Comprehensive DEI Roadmap Partnership

Partner with certified DEI professionals (CDP®) experts for 1.5 years!

This is a highly collaborative results-driven package. The 1.5-year partnership will advance organizations through the planning, assessment, and commitment phases of the Inclusive Enterprise Framework during the first six months.  We will continue meeting quarterly for a year to assist you through the execution phase of a multi-year strategic plan framework. 

We will meet regularly for the first 6 months to conduct a Cultural Assessment (3 months) and establish your actionable and measurable DEI strategy (3 months.) Some of the additional engagement opportunities that accompany the partnership include document review, discussions, coaching, strategy sessions, and DEI statement creation.

Cultural DEI Assessment Partnership

Partner with certified DEI professionals (CDP®) experts for 3- months to have an assessment conducted of your current organizational culture.

During the 3-month partnership, Inclusive leaders Group will conduct a comprehensive cultural assessment of your organization from a DEI lens that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The assessment includes stakeholder engagement including distribution of a comprehensive DEI employee survey, focus groups, document review, and a strategy session. Executive summaries with recommendations and analysis are provided throughout the assessment process.

DEI Council Strategy

A DEI Council (sometimes called a DEI Taskforce or DEI Committee) is a group of employees formed to advise on DEI strategy. These Councils leverage the unique insights of stakeholders from a variety of levels, functions, identities, and experiences to ensure that key DEI decisions and initiatives are executed with the needs of the entire workforce in mind. Inclusive Leaders Group DEI Council Strategy consultations support you with the selection, structure, and operations of these key groups.

The formation of a DEI Council can be challenging to execute correctly.  Your Inclusive Leaders Group consultant will help you to establish:

  • A governance framework that is customized to meet your needs (firm-wide, subsidiaries, by business segment, by geographic region, etc.)
  • Roles and responsibilities for Council leaders and members
  • A selection and onboarding process for Council members
  • An initial strategic charter with specific goals, activities, and milestones
  • A regular report for the Council to share progress with your CEO, CDO, etc.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Business Resource Groups (BRG) Strategy

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are employee-led groups formed around a shared identity, experience, or affiliation. Whether your company’s ERGs/BRGs are firmly established or just getting started, Inclusive Leaders Group ERG/BRG Strategy consultations support these groups to ensure their sustainability and ongoing success.

ERG/BRG Strategy engagements are highly customized to meet your organizational DEI strategic objectives.  Your Inclusive Leaders Group consultant will help conduct:

  • Best practices coaching for new ERG/BRG formation
  • Informational interviews or focus groups with your current ERG/BRG leaders
  • Comprehensive review of existing ERG/BRG policies, documents, and systems
  • Conversations with HR/DEI staff and firm senior leadership

DEI Training Strategy

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of launching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts in your organization or you’ve been committed to the journey for a while, education and development are the keys to ongoing, sustainable success.

Foundational and ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings are a key tool in maintaining your workforce’s understanding of DEI best practices.

Inclusive Leaders Group’s educational programs combined with our experience in developing and delivering DEI training across a variety of industries and organizations will empower your organization with a customized DEI learning and development strategy.

Click here to learn about our Key Stakeholder Development Model and suite of customized training.

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