How To Celebrate Diversity Month

In anticipation of this month’s Diversity Month celebrations April 1-30,  we should be proud of the progress most organizations have made towards a workplace culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). However, there is more progress to be made and observing Diversity Month is important because it helps organizations acknowledge and celebrate the cultural, religious, and social diversity of their workforce. It serves as a practical platform to plan and promote events and activities that honor different backgrounds and traditions.

History of Observing Diversity Month

Celebrate Diversity Month came to be in 2004 following a campaign led by two American diversity consulting firms, ProGroup Inc. and Diversity Best Practices. The goal of the celebrations is to address the growing multiculturalism taking place in global societies as a way to further understand and manage it sensibly. It highlights the urgency of understanding other cultures to ensure a better world.

Diversity is crucial in assuring that we can understand each other in deeper ways that help keep us humble and open to the fact that the world does not only revolve around our beliefs. It can help develop us into better people, as it increases our understanding of human nature. The importance of diversity itself can benefit us in all aspects of our lives.

In the business world, having a diverse workforce is important to ensure the inclusion of different perspectives and ideas when making decisions. Doing so will not only help a company’s bottom line but can also nurture employees to develop strong interpersonal skills that can benefit them both in the office and out.

Why Diversity Month is Important

  • It promotes inclusivity and understanding: Celebrating diversity allows people from different backgrounds to come together, learn from one another, and build a more inclusive society. By highlighting and embracing our differences, we can foster better understanding and respect for each other.
  • It recognizes the value of different perspectives: Diversity means varying thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. When we celebrate diversity, we acknowledge the importance of these different perspectives in shaping our world. It also encourages us to consider alternative viewpoints and challenge our own biases.
  • It celebrates individual uniqueness: We are all unique individuals with our own stories, experiences, and traditions. Celebrating diversity month allows us to embrace our individuality and appreciate the beauty in our differences. It promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance for everyone.

How To Celebrate Diversity Month

  1. Be considerate to everyone: The point of celebrating diversity is to respect and appreciate everyone, no matter where they come from or the color of their skin. Treating people with an equal amount of respect and consideration is what makes it work and doing so creates a better world for all.
  2. Listen to people from other cultures: Some of the world’s most urgent problems stem from the fact that minorities tend to not feel as represented or as listened to as the majority. If you have colleagues or coworkers who feel like their concerns are not being heard, listen to what they have to say, and help them get their points across to those who have trouble listening. If we can foster more inclusive work or social environments, then we are one step closer to achieving global harmony.
  3. Learn more about different cultures and lifestyles: It helps to learn about different cultures for you to understand them further. Most of the problems in the world come from a lack of understanding and empathy for different cultures. Interacting with other cultures or those living different lifestyles than yours can help eradicate those misunderstandings.
  4. Hold an organization-wide multicultural movie night: Invite staff and their families to a multicultural or foreign film movie night to experience a world away from Hollywood blockbusters. Discover popular film and documentary producers from Black America, Israel, France, Germany, Bollywood, and China. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  5. Support minority-owned businesses: Since the pandemic, most businesses, especially those owned by underrepresented minorities, have taken a severe hit financially. Help those businesses recover by visiting, supporting, and utilizing services provided, such as purchasing training and strategic consulting from certified minority-owned businesses such as Inclusive Leaders Group (smile) and others. You can also partner with these businesses in community events that help build exposure for both of you!

Final Thoughts

With today’s top talent challenges,  understanding the entire diversity calendar is essential for any organization looking to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture for its workforce. Each and every month provides several opportunities to engage with your workforce on a deeper level by acknowledging important religious and cultural events in their lives. Simply keeping track of and observing standard holidays and events such as Black History Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Diversity Month (April) and LGBTQIA+ Pride Month (June) can create inclusivity and cultural awareness.  A comprehensive, interactive, and detailed diversity calendar is an essential resource for every organization’s DEIB strategic plan. Are you looking for a Diversity Calendar Solution/Schedule of Events for your organization? Contact Inclusive Leaders Group.

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