Episode 6 – Neurodiversity Driving Innovation from Unexpected Places with Hiren Shukla Ernst & Young – EY

If you’re interested in workplace diversity and inclusion, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about neurodiversity lately. But what exactly is neurodiversity, and how can hiring neurodiverse employees benefit your organization? Neurodiversity is an aspect of diversity that enhances the workplace in numerous ways.

To drive sustainable growth in the 21st century, businesses need to continually innovate and identify new sources of talent. Leading companies are finding that people on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent people can spur innovation and often have the very skills they’re looking for. Companies are also discovering new benefits for their brands, customer relationships, employee engagement, and more.

Despite this fact, fewer than one in six autistic adults are in full-time employment. Only 32% are in some kind of paid work. More than three-quarters (77%) who are unemployed say they want to work.

Possibly no company in the world is doing a better job at attracting neurodivergent talent to drive innovation than Ernst & Young, EY. Our guest Hiren Shukla, Automation & Innovation/Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence Leader at EY, is one of the world’s foremost experts on our topic.

Hiren is an inclusive leader driving innovation across emerging digital technologies and unlocking talent as the founder of EYs Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence.




Topics: Talent Innovation as a Core Part of Your Business

2:58 – What is Neurodiversity?

12:13 – Key Phases of the Initiative: Scoping, Buy-in, Building, and Measuring

16:54 – Highly Successful Neurodiverse Centers of Excellence Pilot

20:11 – Finding Neurodiverse Talent

22:03 – Adapting to Better Serve and Leverage Neurodiverse Talent

26:11 – Changing EY Culture – Engaging and Including More Voices

For more information about Neurodiversity in the workplace, please see our e-guide in the thought leadership section of our site.

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