Episode 5 – Part 1 – Taking Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) From Reactive to Strategic with Andrea DeLoney and Michael Streffery – Northwell Health and Anthem

In this two-part episode, our guests Andrea DeLoney of Northwell Health and Michael Streffery of Anthem, both experienced ERG program leaders, share insights on what it takes to foster ERGs and ensure success in the eyes of employees and business leaders. 

As you listen to Part 1 of this episode, we discuss perceptions of Employee Resource Groups, current and future priority focus areas, organizational structure, and proper alignment to execute and achieve business goals including allyship, and success metrics.

Part 2, we will learn about ERGs’ impact on the business, community, and workplace culture, from the perspective of two high-performing diversity and inclusion organizations.

Both leaders have much to be proud of.  Stories about engaging allies and making a difference along with the demands and rewards of these roles highlight how challenging this work is.  Hear tips for keeping the momentum going and making it all worthwhile.  The importance of self-care

and strong relationships to support others are keys to long-term success.

is recognized as America’s No.1 health system for diversity has high-performing Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) with members who are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Anthem has more than 10,000 associates from every corner of the organization—including nearly a quarter of health insurance provider Anthem leaders—participate in at least one of their associate resource groups (ARGs).

These groups offer associates meaningful opportunities to connect, collaborate and grow.

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Episode 5 – Part 1 – Topics 

10:06 – Changing Perception – Align to Business

23:05 – Strategically Focused

38:45 – Allies Advocate and Influence

40:05 – My Experience – The Look

43:18 –  Leading and Listening

54:20 – Best Practice Councils

54:50 – Pilot for a Win-WIn

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