Episode 4 – Allison Waymyers: Women Leading in Men’s Sports and Overcoming Bias

Allison Waymyers has had successful leadership experience with The NFL, NBA, and Augusta National Golf Club, Home of the Masters Golf Tournament.  Allison discusses her career path as a Black woman in the sports industry.

Despite her career success, she encountered unconscious bias, microaggressions, and the intersectionality of being both Black and female in a traditionally male-dominant industry.

She also provides her insights into what we all can learn from college and pro athletes about racial justice advocacy and action.

Allison was the first female hired in a leadership role as Director of Football and Career Development at Clemson University Football by National Championship coach Dabo Swinney.

She presently is Owner & Founder at Spry Players Group, LLC an athlete development and career management firm that empowers collegiate and professional athletes, as well as non-athletes in all professions.



4:38 – Prepare for your role

8:31 – Come in with a Business Mindset – Sports is Big Business

15:12 – Compete for the role & connect the dots

25:38 – Blatant disrespect

29:00 – Allyship & Why not work for yourself?








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