Episode 10 – Inclusive Workplace Wellness – First Coast Worksite Wellness Council with Ebony Schumake Berry & Cassie Bruce

Every year, National Employee Wellness month is celebrated in June. Once again, it provides an opportunity for employers and organizations to enhance existing wellness programs and encourage their employees to adopt proactive strategies for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. Diverse workplaces call for equally diverse wellness programs. This episode features First Coast Worksite Wellness Council’s  Ebony Schumake Berry Co-Chair Events and Cassie Bruce Chair to learn about the coveted Healthy Companies Awards, the Annual Conference, year-round initiatives and a development program on Inclusive Workplace Wellness.

COVID19 pandemic has highlighted long standing health and wellness inequities in the US on both a societal and workplace level. Whether it’s due to culture, social economic opportunities, or other factors, employees have differing perspectives and knowledge when it comes to health and wellness. In order to be successful, wellness committees must cater to that need to create employee well-being through corporate wellness programs. ‘Cookie cutter’ programs don’t work for different demographics. It requires making employees from all walks of life feel like they are considered and included. It means being inclusive by asking and incorporating feedback from all interested employees. And that also starts with a diverse wellness committee and providing appropriate training to those who spearhead such company health campaigns.


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