5 Actions to Take Now For Attracting Diverse Talent

Organizations that are committed to hiring diverse talent benefit from outpacing the competition, gaining higher market share, and achieving overall performance. For employees, a diverse workplace drives higher employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.
Diverse teams bring new perspectives and drive innovation. Glassdoor reports that 76% of job candidates list diversity and inclusion as a consideration when evaluating opportunities.

Here are Five Ways to Attract Top Diverse Talent

  1. Grow a diverse candidate pool through collaborative efforts. Oftentimes recruiters focus on candidates with specific university degrees, and they miss quality and unique talent. Make sure to include community colleges, historically Black colleges, and universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-serving institutions, and others.
  2. Develop and communicate a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan that demonstrates the company is actively working towards a goal, objectives, initiatives, and metrics. Highlight inclusive company benefits and programs such as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and ensure diverse representation in recruitment marketing and advertising. Post positions on diversity-focused job boards.
  3. Emphasize the advancement of all employees including underrepresented and marginalized talent by talking about growth opportunities such as DEI training and mentoring. Clear paths to career progression are important.
  4. Assemble diverse interview panels and ensure interviewers have completed unconscious bias training. This ensures a potential employee will feel welcomed and included.
  5. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for eliminating unconscious bias. Technology is not going to fix diversity problems, but it can help simplify and create recruiting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion.

Transforming the Recruiting and HIring Process by Mitigating Inherent Biases

Research has found that 75% of all resumes submitted through Applicant Tracking Systems are never even seen by human eyes. Jobseekers using Rhett’s software application platform will be able to apply for positions with peace of mind, knowing their profiles are being seen by people and they are being considered for their talent rather than the kind of personal characteristics that often lead to non-diverse, non-inclusive workplaces.

A friend and colleague of mine, Rhett Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Siimee (pronounced see me), a social impact company whose mission is to reduce bias in hiring and transform the way employers connect with job seekers. Prior to launching Siimee, Rhett spent over seven years leading and collaborating with teams at prominent companies including Facebook, Tinder, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company, sourcing and hiring talent in the technology and software development sectors.

Founded on the premise that diversity and inclusion can support a company’s bottom line, Siimee believes that a fair, unbiased hiring process is the starting point to a healthy, equitable workplace. Lindsey’s story and experiences in recruiting have been nationally featured in media outlets including The Washington Post, CNBC, and CBS News This Morning.

I discussed Rhett’s personal life experiences as a marginalized person and how his discovery and focus on systemic change has led to an innovative approach to recruiting diverse talent on this Inclusive Enterprise Podcast episode.

Attracting and recruiting a diverse range of employees is only half the battle. To foster an inclusive culture, employers must consider how they can help their existing employees to feel accepted, safe, and welcome in the workplace always.

I have a thorough professional background in all aspects of inclusive talent management with the personal experiences as a Black woman in corporate and healthcare workplaces.  If you would like to schedule a virtual coffee to chat about how we can help you attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent, then get in touch with me and schedule an appointment, or if you prefer to – please use the contact form.

As CEO and Principal Consultant of Inclusive Leaders Group, LLC, Charlotte Hughes MS, CDP, SHRBP, CPLP brings a diverse background as an accomplished Workforce and Organizational Development and Diversity & Inclusion global thought leader and practitioner for major Fortune 100 companies and one of the largest health systems in the U.S.    Charlotte helps organizations develop their DEI strategy and provides DEI education for talent and organizational development. Connect on LinkedIn




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