Why DEI Metrics For Hospitals and Health Systems Are Essential

My team and I at Inclusive Leaders Group do a great deal of work with hospitals and healthcare systems regarding developing their diversity, inclusion, and health equity strategies.

In fact, diversity, equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are so critical in health care that they could, quite literally, save lives. Creating a diverse and equitable workplace culture is also essential in retaining staff, a vital need amidst the current staffing crisis throughout the healthcare industry.

Why Is DEI Important for Healthcare Staff Retention?

A recent study from Press Ganey produced results showing health settings with strong DEI values minimize the risk of staff turnover. Why? Because having a meaningful DEI culture creates a comfortable, safe environment that allows staff to feel confident in who they are and what they offer.

Here are a few key findings from their study:

  • Employees were two times more likely to leave if they felt DEI wasn’t prioritized in the workplace.
  • Healthcare staff is 4.5 times more likely to leave their workplace when offered another job if they felt DEI values weren’t in place at their current position.
  • DEI perceptions are a greater indicator of working for an organization long-term among security, nurse, and physician staff.

To actively move toward an inclusive and equitable work environment, leadership must expand their communication and invest in holistic measurement to ensure progress.

DEI Improves Patient Outcomes

Along with improving staff retention in healthcare settings, providers who reflect underrepresented populations are “more likely to serve in areas with a physician-shortage and serve underserved groups, including minorities, low-income individuals, and the uninsured.” (source)

Inadequate access to quality healthcare is a persistent and pervasive concern for minority groups and low-income individuals throughout the United States. Recruiting individuals often underrepresented in the medical profession is one critical solution in resolving this issue.

DEI metrics

The Joint Commission’s New Requirements to Reduce Health Care Disparities

Effective January 1, 2023, new and revised requirements to reduce health care disparities will apply to organizations in the Joint Commission’s ambulatory health care, behavioral health care and human services, critical access hospital, and hospital accreditation programs.

Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Measures for Hospitals and Health System Dashboards

Among the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) top priorities are addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in health care. The AHA believes that health inequities contribute to health disparities, a well-documented factor in both the cost of care and quality outcomes. The AHA hospital and healthcare system members and other stakeholders continue to support the shared goal of advancing the health and well-being of all individuals and communities. Their Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Measures for Hospitals and Health System Dashboards provide a valuable resource for healthcare leaders.

Additional resources for HR and DEI leaders include:

  • Download the FREE E-book: The CHRO’s Guide to Advancing Workplace DEIBA Human Resource Leader’s Guide to Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace. DOWNLOAD HERE
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Why DEI Metrics For Hospitals and Health Systems Are Essential


A recent study from Press Ganey produced results showing health settings with strong DEI metrics minimize the risk of staff turnover.

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