How to Use Executive Coaching to Develop Inclusive Leaders by Charlotte F. Hughes

There is a pervasive myth that executive coaching only caters to senior executives in organizations. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is because coaching is a very effective tool for employees at the mid-level and frontline levels of the corporate ladder, especially for high-potential leaders that serve as bench-strength for succession planning.  So first, let us understand what executive coaching is all about.

What is DEI Executive Coaching?

DEI executive coaching is perhaps the most powerful approach to inclusive leadership development for leaders at all levels. Leaders can transform their DEI performance through working one-on-one with a certified DEI coach on their goals and challenges, in a way that offers both support and challenge.

DEI executive coaching involves two journeys – an external one, where the person being coached is trying to move towards a tangible goal that is meaningful for them and in line with the organization’s goals. The second is an internal journey where it is about the person’s inner transformation. Unless there is an inner transformation, external transformation is going to be very limited.

Inclusive Leaders Group’s process of executive coaching involves one-on-one meetings, learning assignments, assessments & feedback, developmental activities, progress reviews, and more. These are all aimed to help leaders and managers think more profoundly about DEI, become more self-aware and culturally competent, develop into inclusive leaders, effectively drive cultural transformation  – all with the aim of providing the organization with achievement of their business goals.

DEI Coaching Can Cultivate Inclusive Leadership at all Levels

DEI coaching allows managers to elevate into inclusive leadership. Rather than keeping equity and inclusion as idle thoughts or ideas, leadership begins to walk the walk and talk the talk. Bosses are held accountable for strategies, plans and actions that improve DEI in your organization. Your executives and the DEI coach put their heads together and work through your company’s goals, key performance indicators (KPIs) and challenges. Then they come up with a personalized and executable DEI leadership development plan. From there the leadership team can effectively lead on their initiatives with a professional coach guiding them along the way.

Executives and managers in your company may not know how DEI can be leveraged for organizational effectiveness.  If issues of DEI are unknown to them, they won’t be able to effectively lead change and solve problems. That’s where a DEI coach comes in.  A coach would audit your company’s culture and social dynamics and show your leadership team where to look for bias and inequities in the workplace. When leadership can see and understand the dynamics of DEI in the business, they’ll be better positioned to strategize and execute on programming and strategic initiatives in the future. Even if the executives aren’t the ones directly overseeing the implementation, coaching better positions them to support the efforts in meaningful ways.

DEI is a Business Strategy at Comcast

To Comcast, diversity, equity, and inclusion DEI is a business strategy that is conducive to innovation and success.

“Across our workforce, products and content, we embrace diversity of background, perspective, culture, and experience, and together with our partners, we are working to fight injustice and inequity against any race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, disability, or veteran status,” it reads on its website.

Through this commitment to DEI, Comcast works to hire, develop, and advance strategies to ensure equitable practices and foster a workplace that reflects and supports its diverse workforce.  According to its latest DEI stats, 45% of Comcast employees are people of color — 18.3% Black, 15.4% Hispanic/Latino, 7.5% Asian % Pacific Islander, 3.4% with at least 2 races, and 0.4% Indigenous.

The demographics of its employees mirroring the city’s population is a key initiative at Comcast.

“Progress requires action, and we’re intentionally focused on ensuring our company reflects the communities we serve at all levels of our organization,” says Loren Hudson, senior vice president and chief diversity officer for Comcast Cable.

Comcast’s Leaders Have DEI Coaches

Comcast offers two DEI coaching development opportunities specifically designed for high-potential leaders.

Through the first DEI coaching initiative, select leaders are paired with an experienced executive coach of their choice who is not only certified in diversity coaching, but also brings more than 10 years of organizational leadership to help support ongoing personal and professional growth. These coaches challenge and guide individual leaders to help reveal their desired leadership style and help them stay accountable through action to their vision and values. The time commitment for this program is three months in the form of six, (one-hour-long) coaching sessions.

The second DEI coaching program is a video-based learning and leadership development platform for women that provides expert content, live coaching, and an exclusive membership-based online community. Currently, Comcast women and allies from their Women’s Network ERG participate in this program and receive curated content on a variety of topics, including customized monthly playlists based on shared themes from internal feedback and employee surveys.

Benefits of DEI Executive Coaching DEI executive coaching is an intensive, transformative practice that builds a leader’s knowledge and behaviors including:

  • Builds cultural competence
  • Engages in brave communication
  • Supports an actionable DEI strategic plan
  • Promotes equity in the workplace
  • Practices intentional allyship
  • Fosters a culture of belonging

DEI executive coaching can be the difference between your DEI plans being stalled and ineffective, or a powerful strategy that achieves business results. It’s understandable that not all organizations in a position to hire experienced in-house DEI staff.  Hiring a certified DEI coach can be a powerful option. Now is the time for your organization to execute its diversity, equity, inclusion as a business strategy plans, and in the process grow an inclusive-minded work culture.

Are you ready to explore executing a DEI executive coaching initiative to meet your business goals? 

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