Episode 9 – How to Have BRAVE Conversations About Race in the Workplace – Dr. Enrica Ruggs & Dr. Derek Avery – University of Houston – CT Bauer College of Business

CEOs around the country for the last year and a half now have been seeking to have their employees talk about race and the kind of adjustments that can be made in the workplace. This episode focuses on that.  Dr. Enrica Ruggs, Associate Professor of Management at the University of Houston and Dr. Derek Avery, C.T. Bauer Chair of Inclusive Leadership at the University of Houston will explore how to discuss the complex and urgent issues of race while in the workplace.  Although we’ll speak explicitly about black and white race relations, the ideas can apply when considering other groups that experienced discrimination. Their BRAVE framework highlights the importance of explicitly talking about race and provides advice on how to begin productive workplace conversations. Tips include the rationale for building conversational competence with an approach that illustrates what inclusion really looks like in committed organizations.

How to Have BRAVE Conversations About Race in the Workplace 

For more information about Race in the Workplace please see our e-guides in the thought leadership section of our site.

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