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Empowering Diversity Councils and ERGs/BRGs to Maximize Impact

Training and Coaching Programs

Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI Councils)

Learn how to launch and revitalize DEI councils for successful impact in alignment with business strategy. Apply DEI council best practices to gain increased effectiveness, performance, and contribution within an organization.

Key Training or Coaching Program Takeaways

  • Examine critical steps and best practices for council development, operation, and impact.
  • Identify appropriate DEI councils for your organization and gain insights for goal setting and implementation.
  • Develop strategies for accountability and evaluation of outcomes.
  • Revitalize and support existing DEI councils, and provide ongoing training for council members.

Maximizing the Impact of ERGs/BRGs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) amplify the voices of individuals from historically marginalized groups, creating a pipeline so new perspectives, ideas, and innovations can flow freely. ERGs are a powerful way for organizations to attack business challenges like talent acquisition, employee engagement, product innovation, and consumer satisfaction. However, ERGs require the proper structure and ongoing stewardship to be successful. Our experts will provide actionable advice for launching effective, business-oriented ERGs. And, if you already have ERGs, we can help you maximize their impact as you progress toward a more inclusive workplace.

Key Training or Coaching Takeaways

Inclusive leaders champion inclusion and identify strategies to promote belonging for all employees. ERGs/BRGs can help you and your organization expand the talent pipeline, boost engagement, and increase innovation. ILG training and coaching programs can help you:

  • Understand how ERGs/BRGs can foster an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Discover how ERGs/BRGs can boost organizational goals.
  • Learn the history of ERGs/BRGs.
  • Discover common ERG/BRG derailers and how to avoid them.