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Our DEIB Assessment Process

We take an expert lens to the processes & policies that most affect DEIB, including:


  • Sourcing strategies.
  • Job descriptions & careers page.
  • Entire screening & Interview process.


  • Performance review process.
  • Promotions process.
  • Development & feedback practices.
  • Compensation strategy.


  • Company values.
  • Policies & benefits.
  • Harassment policy & reporting.


  • DEIB trainings & manager trainings.
  • Onboarding.
  • ERGs & DEIB committees.

DEIB Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups and Listening Sessions

ILG involves your people every step of the way to generate enthusiasm, buy-in, and increase readiness for change. We use a multimethod assessment process based on your needs and desired results.

DEIB Survey

ILG’s proprietary, action-oriented survey gathers employee sentiment and points to clear next steps. We analyze it by demographic groups to understand how identities affect employee experience.

Interviews & focus groups

We dig deeper into employee experience by interviewing a sample of employees and facilitating focus groups.

Listening Sessions

ILG’s expertly facilitated listening sessions help you dive deep into the heart of your organization. You’ll discover the sentiments, insights, and perspectives that shape your company’s culture. They are your compass to navigate the diverse landscape of your team’s experiences.

Executive sessions

We help your executive team define and align on your DEIB vision and then shape our recommendations accordingly. You define where you want to go, we help you get there.

DEIB roadmap

Based on our assessment findings we work with you to create a comprehensive DEIB roadmap & we support you as you implement it.

DEIB Roadmap Creation

Based on the top priorities from our assessment we work with you (and your constraints) to prioritize a roadmap

1 year of support

As you implement your roadmap we are there to guide and support you to ensure your team makes meaningful progress on your DEIB roadmap


DEIB Strategic Plan Development

Our DEIB Assessment & Roadmap is the first step in launching a successful and sustainable DEIB strategic plan. Our team can help you develop and align your DEIB strtegic plan with yuor overall business strategy

DEIB Training

Instead of one-off trainings that don’t work, ILG’s DEIB trainings and workshops are designed to be part of your sustainable DEIB strategy, embedding behavior change across all levels – executives, leaders, managers, and employees.