Our Team

Louisa Joseph

Partner Consultant, UK and Europe

Louisa serves as Inclusive Leaders Group’s Partner Consultant for the United Kingdom and Europe in the areas of Inclusive Leadership and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Until very recently, Louisa worked in a large UK corporate organisation for 17 years where she had the opportunity to grow a rewarding career in a variety of amazing HR roles, having started in operations management.

Louisa has a wealth of experience in Diversity and Talent, driving organisation strategy on diversity and inclusion within complex environments. Her knowledge and experience in business transformation, employee relations, engagement and operations means she is able to build strong, credible relationships at all levels. Louisa is a customer focused and results driven. She has experience of setting the diversity metrics at a senior level and working to provide the steer on policy and decisions that shaped recruitment and selection practices to create a pipeline of diverse talent.

In 2019 Louisa became Founder of BAME to Boardroom, a UK firm that assists businesses to develop and grow their talent pipeline to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Louisa is a single mum with two grown up children, one child at school and two grandsons. She lives in London and is profoundly grateful for all the opportunities she has had through her career to raise her children and provide for her family.

Louisa first realized that she was different as a 6 year old at primary school. It dawned on me that I was being treated differently by peers and teachers, being poor and black in Britain.