Workforce Development Solutions Specializing in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging.

Inclusive Leaders Group (ILG) is a team committed to creating organizations in which all talent collaborates effectively, feel that they belong, recognize their value, develop themselves as inclusive leaders, and contribute effectively to achieving their organization’s business goals.

Our team of consultants and trainers are experienced talent development and diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners and leaders with; scientific, business, legal, human resources, mental health, workplace wellness, and educational backgrounds.  What we have in common is a passion for workplace equity and inclusion.

Following decades of experience, we came together as ILG in 2020, committed and motivated by the George Floyd unjust killing and protests, and the urgent need expressed by CEO’s, Boards of Directors, and their executives for a new diversity, equity, and inclusion action plan.  We evaluate what organizations are doing with DEI; what they need to change, and what they need to do better.  We transform businesses for profitable growth through inclusive leadership, equity, and belonging.

We live in a world full of complex challenges. These problems cross boundaries. Yet most leaders do not.

Inclusive Leadership Group (ILG) is devoted to developing leaders who can cross boundaries between generations, backgrounds, and beliefs.


ILG doesn’t address today’s challenges and opportunities with solutions from five years ago, or even three years ago.  ILG collaborates with clients at all stages of their diversity and inclusion journey, dealing with the current transformational change underway globally.

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Meet Our Team

Our consulting team represent a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds and brings deep U.S. domestic and global experience. Our professional backgrounds include human resources, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, legal, marketing, psychology, education, and workplace wellness.

We are accomplished consultants, facilitators, designers, and speakers. We practice allyship, agility, and lifelong learning. We are committed to delivering a remarkable client experience.

Serving Our Clients, Partners, and Communities During the Covid-19 Pandemic


“During this challenging time, Inclusive Leaders Group’s focus is on supporting our clients, our team, and the global communities in which we operate.

We are working to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the virus.  COVID-19 is exposing existing racial health disparities in vulnerable communities, emphasizing the critical importance of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

Inclusive Leadership Group is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to help transform businesses for profitable growth through inclusive leadership.  We will continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving pandemic situation, and will be diligent about communicating on important issues.”


5 Things You Can Do To Interrupt Racial Bias in the Wake of COVID-19

Helpful cultural competence tips for avoiding bias and reducing stress during the pandemic.


Wherever you are on your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey we can meet you. Get in touch today to assess your readiness for change with a free consultation.