The Leadership Accelerator Program

Inclusive Leaders Group’s customized Leadership Accelerator Program will strengthen and deepen the diversity of your management and leadership teams through interventions lasting 6-12 months. Targeting high-potential women and employees of color, the program leverages executive coaching, mentorship, networking, and targeted competencies development to empower and elevate employees from underrepresented or marginalized talent groups into leadership positions.

Due to the historical practices of your organization and/or industry, specific groups may be underrepresented in your leadership pipeline and leader-levels, especially midlevel and senor executive levels. To be most effective, inclusive, and equitable, the Leadership Accelerator Program should be implemented with one or more of those particular underrepresented talent groups in mind. Employees will be selected for participation in the program based on observed high-potential traits and/or performance metrics suited to your organization’s needs.

The Leadership Accelerator Program is designed to deliver results such as:

  • Increased diversity in leadership pipeline.
  • Increased diversity in targeted leadership levels, frontline, mid-level, and senior level
  • Improve equity in development assignments and promotions.
  • Improve diverse talent retention.
  • Elevate feelings of respect and belonging.