Microaggressions Training

Derailing Microaggressions at all levels in the organization.

Duration: 1.5-hrs or 3-hrs


Microaggressions.  What They Are and How To Avoid Them.

Building on learnings from our Unconscious Bias training, our Microaggressions training will introduce participants to the concept of microaggressions and how they affect individuals across different identities. Participants will explore the importance of addressing microaggressions and identify effective strategies for doing so. Facilitators will focus on problem-solving and help participants develop new strategies, both for allies trying to disrupt microaggressions and for those experiencing them.

Why This Training is Important

  • Microaggressions are unintentional slights, invalidations, or other behaviors that cause an exclusionary environment, especially for people who experience systemic discrimination.
  • This workshop offers insight into some of the behaviors that might have negative unintended consequences.
  • Through interactive skill-building group work, we discuss how to effectively challenge microaggressions when they arise, and how to become agents of change as we strive to create more culturally inclusive spaces.

What You Will Learn

Employees and Managers gain a deeper understanding of:

  • What microaggressions are and the negative effects they can have on others.
  • Why certain remarks are considered microaggressions.
  • How to respond to microaggressions in a positive and effective manner

This training is available in multiple formats and durations based on your learning and development needs: in-Person and live virtual

What You Should Know About Derailing Microaggressions Tip Sheet