Inclusive Leadership Assessment

Cultural transformation to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace starts at the C-level.  From the CEO down to front line managers, Inclusive Leaders Group develops your leaders and managers to be inclusive and accountable. We do that by designing and delivering inclusion learning experiences based on Deloitte’s extensively researched six (6) signature traits of inclusive leadership.

Do you know if leaders at your organization are inclusive? Do your leaders know what they need to do to be more inclusive?

Inclusive Leaders Group’s Inclusive Leader Assessment offers valuable commentary, performance data, feedback and benchmarks to measure the inclusivity and effectiveness of the leaders in your organization. The assessment report will help leaders determine areas of strength and areas they should develop further.

Participants experiences our Inclusive Leadership Foundations training course have the option to gain insights to determine their aptitude for leveraging the abilities, perspectives, and styles of inclusive leaders for the success of the organization with this 10-minute self-evaluation.

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