Management & Executive Coaching

Inclusive Leaders Group’s (ILG) executive coaching solution helps leaders meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world and drive transformational change—for their people, customers, investors, partners, and society.

Success today requires more than a good strategy and a well-developed execution plan. It requires leaders to think and act in new ways: to learn, anticipate, and adapt. Today’s leaders need to be generative—able to reenergize and increase the value they deliver for their people, customers, partners, investors, communities, and themselves.

That’s where ILG’s Executive Coaching programs make a difference. We help senior leaders and leadership teams drive transformational change and set the foundation for long-term impact and value creation. Research shows that coaching senior leaders can increase the likelihood of transformation success by more than 70%. We work in lockstep with organizations’ broader change initiatives, and our programmatic approach allows us to coach multiple leaders around a shared North Star. Moreover, this approach enables continuous feedback loops and rapid interventions.

We view every coaching engagement as a true partnership between leader and coach that provides a safe, confidential, and deep level of support when leaders need it most. Our coaches have felt the same pressures, made the same tough decisions, and learned from the same mistakes. ILG’s executive coaches come with a deep understanding of strategic and operational context and can help other leaders deliver on their most pressing business or organization objectives.

How ILG Works with Executive Coaching Clients

We work with our clients’ most senior leaders in two ways:



One-On-One Executive Leadership Coaching

Our management and executive coaches serve as thought partners to help leaders navigate change and complexity, lead in new ways, and deliver on their organizations’ goals. We work at the intersection of strategy and leadership, applying a critical and operational lens while engaging across the coaching and mentoring spectrum.

Typical one-on-one executive leadership coaching engagements last six months and include in-depth sessions, frequent check-ins, and just-in-time support. Throughout this process, we help leaders see their blind spots, explore, and challenge their assumptions, reframe their thinking, and experiment with new ways of working, engaging, and leading.

Executive Leadership Team Coaching

The role of the leadership team in today’s environment is increasingly complex and critical. The team needs to define its purpose and role as a team instead of as a set of individuals. It also needs to align around a clear vision and figure out how to leverage each team member’s experience and perspective when making good decisions. Most importantly, the team needs to partner with each of its key stakeholders to learn, look around corners, connect the dots, and chart a path forward to drive positive impact and value creation.

Inclusive Leaders Group Founder and CEO Charlotte F. Hughes’s coaching credentials:

  • Certified Diversity Professional (CDP®)
  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach®
  • Certified Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach®
  • ATD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance(CPLP®)

Inclusive Leaders Group Management and Executive Coaches

Our management and executive coaches partner with leadership teams to make this happen. Typical engagements last six months and include diagnostic assessments, facilitated coaching sessions and workshops, and regular check-ins with the team leader and other team members.

Most Frequently Requested Coaching Engagements

  • Driving DEI – the Role of Chairs and CEOs.
  • New CDO First-Year Responsibilities.
  • DEI Planning for Human Resources Leaders.
  • DEI Strategy and Execution for Business Unit Leaders.

  • DEI Throughout The Talent Lifecycle – Talent Acquisition/Talent Management Leaders.
  • Operationalizing Inclusion DEI Action Planning for Department Heads.
  • Leading Workplace Conversations About Race.
  • Many more roles and development objectives.

“Coaching is releasing a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”