Employee Training

Whether you’re just getting started launching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts in your organization or you’ve been committed to the journey for a while, learning and development are the keys to continuous, sustainable success.

Engaging and effective employee learning and development programs build knowledge, skills, behaviors, and motivation to generate buy-in, build confidence, and drive meaningful progress toward your DEI goals. 

Your employees want to build an equitable and inclusive workplace culture. They want to understand and celebrate their differences. They want to advocate for a more just and equitable world. 

Inclusive Leaders Group training and development solutions will empower them to achieve these objectives and more.

The nine (9) workshops listed above are Inclusive Leaders Group’s flagship trainings. Of those, the five most popular are on Unconscious Bias, Allyship, Inclusive Leadership, Race, Privilege, & Identity, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The topics and competencies delivered in these workshops are the building blocks for leveraging DEI as a business strategy and competitive advantage.  

  • Unconscious Bias educates employees on the basics of unconscious biases, and how they inhibit diversity, inclusion, and productivity at work. Unconscious bias training covers issues such as microaggressions, bias in recruitment and hiring, and bias in performance reviews and how to address it.
  • Allyship the right policies alone cannot shift workplace culture. It is critical that employees become part of the cause. That’s where allyship comes in. Research shows allies don’t just influence one person at a time. They inspire others to act as change agents, too, creating a culture of acceptance and support. Simply put, allyship is a powerful force for inclusion.
  • Inclusive Leadership is framed around the extensive research on the competencies required by a manager at any level for effective performance because of the diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent. Participants learn how to effectively lead their diverse team, emphasizing practical steps they can take to foster a sense of inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety.
  • Race, Privilege, & Identity examine the relationship between race, privilege, and identity, including sexuality, gender, and intersectionality. Includes interactive discussion on race, privilege, and identity and how they operate in the workplace. The trainings discuss the importance of allyship and how to put what you’ve learned into action back on the job.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has evolved from “counting the numbers” as an HR program to “making the numbers count” as a business strategy. Organizations often miss a huge opportunity. Employers that no longer look at inclusion as having a good mix of diverse people, but to fully engage employees, partners and customers have an opportunity to create a competitive advantage. Diversity, equity, and inclusion must be embedded in an organizational culture to make a positive impact on performance.

All Inclusive Leaders Group workshops follow a learning needs discussion and analysis and are tailored for each organization’s needs.

Why choose a Training Program with Inclusive Leaders Group?

  • Assessment and Feedback: The power of individual assessments makes the training experience a customized one, offering a well-rounded picture of an individual’s strengths, development needs, and leadership style — frequently cited as the most valuable part of our programs.
  • Personalized Attention: A high facilitator-to-participant ratio provides the individual attention that fosters customized development, whether in-person or virtual.
  • Experiential Learning: Special, engaging activities and breakout sessions offer participants the chance to practice new behaviors while learning from their program peers.
  • Goal-Setting: Participants are given time to integrate the lessons of their leadership training experience and encouraged to create personal and professional goals.
  • Peer Learning: Program participants interact with and learn from peers in other departments who face similar challenges. Custom program participants often spend time with managers from across their business, facilitating internal collaboration.

Training Modalities

Instructor-Led Delivery (in-person or virtual)

Instructor Led Training (ILT) or Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) allows you to build upon learned knowledge by giving learners a chance to put knowledge and skills into practice through classroom activities. The bonus of vILT is it allows you to reach learners near and far with training that’s as equally engaging, interactive, and effective as in-person training — without the pricey travel costs – and remaining socially distanced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

E-Learning Development

We also develop engaging, media-rich learning modules to suit your organization’s self-paced training needs and LMS.

Live Distance Learning with Tangible Results

Our online live instructor-led programs deliver critical skills that advance teams and organizations. Engage in an innovative virtual online learning experience that immerses your leaders in compelling conversations with small cohorts and teaches them how to navigate daily change and disruption through interactive exercises.

Custom and Flexible

Customized DEI training flexibly delivered ranging from 90-minutes with your senior executives to two days for high-potential leaders or managers, to help you leverage diversity, equity and inclusion in the talent lifecycle, and develop your management team into inclusive leaders.

Our courses by roles

Meeting learners where they are

DEI Awareness & Skill Development

For all employee levels
  • Addressing And Managing Bias in the Workplace
  • Microaggressions and Micro-Affirmations
  • DEI Foundations (Awareness & Skills)
  • DEI Through the Talent Lifecycle
  • Brave Conversations About Race and Anti-Racism
  • Race Equity and Allyship – Making It Happen
  • Developing Allies to Create Cultures Of Belonging
  • Disability Inclusion & Allyship Essentials
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Allyship Essentials

Executive/Leadership Development

For Executives & Leadership Teams ​
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Executive Alignment and Visioning Session
  • Executive DEI Strategic Roadmap
  • Executive Coaching

Manager Development

For Managers and Supervisors
  • Building Inclusive Teams
  • Inclusive Leadership

HR & D&I Team Development

For Hr And D&I Teams – Cross-Functional Teams Also
  • DEI Through the Talent Lifecycle

  • HR as DEI Change Leaders

  • High-Performance D&I Team Building

  • Inclusive Workplace Wellbeing-Making it Work for All