Comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion DEI Assessment

Inclusive Leaders Group offers the Spectra Diversity and  Inclusion Assessment to support its DEI Comprehensive Strategic Roadmap , Organizational Cultural Assessment, and Learning & Development Planning processes and goals:

The Spectra survey assesses and analyzes data across diverse demographic groups within an organization to offer a baseline measurement of Diversity and Inclusion and it presents both the big picture and granulated detail, showing relationships and differences among diverse demographic groups and specific factors measured in the survey.

The results offer a baseline audit for organizations to use as a foundation to design and implement effective interventions to catalyze learning, development, and innovation to bring about desired changes in culture and practices.

The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment is survey-based, easy to use, and can be completed in 10 minutes.

Assess Your Organization’s Culture

The Spectra D&I Assessment is the first of its kind. By understanding ourselves and others, we can translate that knowledge into actions and behaviors that have a positive impact on our organizations.

Spectra Offers the Only Dual D&I Assessment

The only way to see the whole diversity and inclusion (D&I) picture is by gathering the full gamut of diversity and inclusion metrics. But most D&I assessments only give you part of the picture. The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ is the only validated D&I assessment that enables you to measure both individuals as well as the entire organization.

Intentionally designed at a level suitable for use across a broad spectrum of employees.

When organizations implement the Spectra Assessment Survey , employees will be asked to complete a series of questions about the organization and themselves that will produce an individualized report about the employee’s beliefs and interpersonal skills related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In addition, employees will answer questions about the organization’s management, culture, practices, policies, and procedures.

What the Spectra Assessment Delivers:

  • 5 Demographic Items
  • 31 Diversity & Inclusion Statements
  • 2 Open-ended Questions
  • Individual feedback reports
  • Organisation feedback reports
  • Choice of 1 Plan customization option
    • Sub categories of data
    • Consultation and Strategic advisory support

“Thanks to Inclusive Leaders Group’s administration of the Spectra D&I Assessment, we determined that the primary issue causing conflict in our organization was age — not race. Without it, we would have focused on the wrong issue. Now we know what to address.”

– VP, People and Culture, U.S. Consumer Financial Services Company

Inclusive Leaders Group is a Spectra Diversity Authorized Facilitator

Inclusive Leaders Group, LLC, a certified Black woman-owned strategic consulting, and training firm specializing in DEI as a business strategy and competitive advantage.

Spectra Diversity LLC is a woman-owned diversity and inclusion company. We offer an online diversity and inclusion assessment which measures both the Organization and the Individual. Inclusive Leaders Group and Spectra Assessment collaborate to serves clients of all sizes and in all industries.

Comprehensive D&I Assessment

Comprehensive D&I Assessment