Our assessment approach provides measurable results.

With a valid and reliable Assessment, Inclusive Leaders Group evaluates your organization through a Diversity & Inclusion OR Inclusive Leadership lens and uses data-driven insight to inform strategies that achieve real change.

We have a proven track record with decades of experience helping shape the D&I industry and guide clients through change. Our practice area dedicated to assessment and analytics is led by Dr. Marilyn Buckner, Inclusive Leaders Group’s Assessment Director and a team of talented experts in custom research methods and employee experience. Our experts come together to deliver relevant and reliable data brought to life through presentations that connect the findings with the action you can take to address your most pressing issues.

From measurement to opportunity.
From insight to action.

Only 50% of executives think their organization has accurately pinpointed its future leaders. And fewer than one in four companies believe they have a ‘ready now’ talent pipeline.”

Decision Styles for Inclusive Leaders and Teams

Our inclusive leadership assessment is designed to identify the underlying issues that truly impact organizational effectiveness and performance, employee experience, and customer perspective. This service is designed for organizations and individuals looking to assess leadership effectiveness at all levels, while gaining critical insight into whether they are leading inclusively. 

Diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent are driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. There are key attributes of leaders who display the ability to not only embrace individual differences, but to potentially leverage them for competitive advantage.  These attributes are a set of proactive behaviors that highlight the unique characteristics of each person in the workplace, and with the goal of improving overall performance potential.

Inclusive Leaders possess certain innate instincts as well as learned competencies. Research shows they also tend to see better outcomes from the individuals and teams they manage, including greater employee loyalty, better decision-making, and higher levels of innovation.

Inclusive Leaders Group has new valid and unique on-line assessments and simulations that help individuals, and organizations grow. 

Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs because we recognize that one size does not fit all. Information gathered from our assessments yield meaningful feedback, actionable data, and recommendations that guide your organization in developing a roadmap toward full inclusion. This service is designed to give you the insigtht, tools and skills to create real lasting change.

Spectra Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tool

The Spectra Assessment: 

  • Measures both individuals and the organization
  • Statistically validated questions
  • Individual and group/team reports
  • Attractive and flexible pricing and options
  • No minimum or maximum number of participants

Some cultural assessment tools measure individuals but not the entire organization. Others measure teams or the organization, but not individuals. The Spectra Assessment measures BOTH.
The benefit of the Spectra Assessment’s dual nature is that diversity and inclusion professionals can see the complete picture in terms of where the organization is on key D&I measures.

The Spectra Assessment enables Inclusive Leaders Group consultants and coaches to evaluate both the ‘outer ring’ (Management, Culture as well as the Policies, Practices and Procedures (3Ps) in addition to the ‘inner ring’ of Individual Beliefs and Interpersonal Skills.
By looking at both the inner and outer rings it is possible to see the entire D&I picture and understand what strategies may have the greatest impact.

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A D&I or Inclusive Leadership assessment helps you analyze, understand, and take action. Let’s talk about how we can help you take inventory and take action.