Before you start a strategic initiative around Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), you must understand your current state.  A comprehensive assessment performed by external experts is a critical step to long-term success, as it provides a data-driven understanding of “where you are” as the foundation for determining “Where you want to be.”

You want to ensure your strategic decision-making and action planning is informed by valid and reliable data.  Assessment can also be used to establish a baseline and/or measure progress, depending on where your organization is at in your DEI journey.  Inclusive Leaders Group assessments will provide the information and education you require for successful and sustainable results.

  • In a Full DEI Assessment every aspect of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging impacts another. Inclusive Leaders Group experts collaborates with you to comprehensively understand the current state of DEI at your organization. This assessment explores the intricacies of how every component of your workplace supports or hinders your goals of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.
  • An Inclusive Leadership Assessment helps leaders at all levels to understand and strengthen their Inclusive Leadership impact, providing a whole of organization approach to inclusive capability development. Inclusive leaders focus on relationships and create environments where colleagues are comfortable being their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging within the organization. Accelerate the development of inclusive leaders through this best-in-class diagnostic assessment.

All Inclusive Leaders Group assessments provide a comprehensive report detailing the findings and strategic recommendations, and all recommendations can be placed onto a strategic roadmap to take action. We also are pleased to develop custom assessments to meet your organization’s needs.


Using a variety of investigative tactics is crucial to leaving no stone unturned when completing an audit. These might include, but not limited to:


Focus Groups


Policy & Process Reviews

Detailed Analysis

Inclusive Leaders Group assessments are confidential and follow valid and reliable best practices.


Depending on the scope of the assessment, the resulting report may run 10-50 pages or more. These reports might include:

  • Detailed problem statements based on assessment outcomess
  • Strategic recommendations rated by effort and/or impact
  • Suggested implementation timelines on a strategic roadmap
  • Exemplars of success in your industry and/or geography
  • Visualizations of key data points
  • Links to research and other resources for further learning

The Inclusive Leaders Group team will collaborate with you to share your assessment feedback with key stakeholders, ensuring information is carefully and effectively communicated.