Advocate for Anti-Racist Practices Training

Understanding race, privilege, and identity in your work and workplace.

Duration: 1.5-hrs or 3-hrs


The term anti-racism has recently entered our vocabulary and prompted individuals, companies, and organizations to engage in various activities designed to assist historically marginalized and minoritized individuals and communities.

The term tends to evoke confusion and confrontation. Often confused with traditional diversity and inclusion initiatives, anti-racism encompasses diversity and inclusion; however, it primarily focuses on identifying systems, policies, procedures, and practices that maintain barriers and oppressive structures aimed at racial ethnic minorities.

This session is designed to introduce participants to anti-racism and provide an overview of how companies and organizations can effectively and strategically engage in anti-racism.

Key Questions

  • What is racism? What is anti-racism?
  • Why is it important to bring these concepts into the workplace?
  • What frameworks can we use to conceptualize anti-racist practices?
  • What challenges might we run into as we incorporate anti-racist practices into our workplace and how do we overcome them?
  • What resources can we use to further support our anti-racist efforts?

What You Will Learn

Employees and Managers gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The structural nature of racism and of how to approach anti-racism.
  • A framework for conceptualizing racism, anti-racism, and anti-racist practices across every facet of your company.
  • Best practices to share with your employer along with resources and recommendations for further reading.
  • A plan of advocacy for anti-racist practices in your workplace.

This training is available in multiple formats and durations based on your learning and development needs: in-Person and live virtual

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