Racial Equity Commitment Journey

Racial Equity Pledge Holding Entities. Let us help you assure you are best positioned to help your members and teams are cultivating the right environment for black and brown talent to thrive.


  • Do you offer Executive Education programs and looking for a perfect DEI and Racial Equity Education program solution suitable to offer to senior leaders and C-Suite executives?
  • Are you a DEI Executive with a large organization seeking a perfect enterprise-wide DEI learning solution for your internal leaders?
  • Are you a Hospital or Health System CEO, DEI Executive, or Chief Human Resources Officer seeking to address racial disparities, advance health equity, and create a more equitable and inclusive workplace culture a perfect system-wide DEI learning solution for your internal leaders?
  • Are you a local or state-wide chamber of commerce willing to host a series of immersive experiences for your local corporate C-suite leaders to help support their individual DEI efforts and your region’s economic development efforts?

If yes, partner with Inclusive Leaders Group and Harper Racial Equity Advisors for:

  1. Our six session enResidence Racial Equity education program designed especially for you!
  2. Our Racial Equity Index organizational assessment that provides powerful insights and suggested solutions to your organization’s most vexing DEI challenges directly from the voice of employees – the perfect process to help you understand (and respond to) the black and brown lived experience in your workplace.


Inclusive Leaders Group & Harper Slade Partner For Racial Equity Commitment!

Following extensive research to determine the most cutting-edge and proven racial equity training and development experience for committed organizations, Inclusive Leaders Group enthusiastically selected Harper Slade’s enResidence program as our exclusive racial equity commitment partner!

The Racial Equity training program; enResidence , helps you help your leaders, employees, or members become more adept at advancing racial equity commitments in the workplace. This carefully curated education series is like no other in the consultative ecosystem and is ique in both its approach and impact. We cultivate high levels of commitment to these principles, not compliance.

Inclusive Leaders Group Racial Equity Training Harper Slade's enResidence Course Overview

Six (6) Highly Interactive Sessions

Session 1: The Economics: Date with Demographic Destiny.

Session 2: The Context- Racism Codified: The Case of Carl Linnaeus.

Session 3: The Lens-Who Are You to this Work.

Session 4: The Approach-Why DEI Must be Strategically Paced and Sequenced.

Session 5: Racial Equity Assessments-Your Roadmap to Protected Planning.

Session 6: The Opportunity-Bringing it All Home and Next Steps for Your Company.

Cohort size can be customized by need


” Racial equity is about applying fairness and a little bit of common sense to a system that’s been unfair and harmful. Racial equity is a process of eliminating racial disparities and improving outcomes for everyone. It is the intentional and continual practice of changing policies, practices, systems, and structures by prioritizing measurable change in the lives of people of color.”

Charlotte F. Hughes, CEO and Principal Leader, Inclusive Leaders Group

Charlotte Hughes

CEO and Principal Leader
Inclusive Leaders Group

Download Inclusive Leaders Group’s Racial Equity Pledge Video

Charlotte Hughes encourages leaders at organizations to hold each other accountable to the commitments made in this pledge and to report on their progress toward accomplishing their goals.

Nikki R. Lanier, J.D.

Harper Slade Racial Equity Advisory


Nikki R. Lanier is experienced in both the public and private sectors with large and small organizations spanning both coasts of the US; 20+ years’ experience in Human Resources and employment law and having served as a C-Suite Executive with The Federal Reserve Central Bank, Nikki is uniquely suited to support any individual and organizational pursuit toward deeper racial equity.

Nikki is the only racial equity advisory company CEO who is a:

  • 3x CHRO
  • Trusted advisor to Governors, Mayors, Federal Reserve Bank presidents, Fortune 500 CEOs, College, and University presidents.

  • Previous employment attorney.
  • Internationally recognized speaker and thought leader on HR, DEI, Racial Equity and the workplace.

Inclusive Leaders Group Racial Equity Assessments Harper Slade’s Racial Equity Index

Racial Equity Index (REI)

Racial Equity Index (REI)

All progress begins by first understanding the truth. Through confidential, in depth interviews, our Racial Equity Index (REI) surfaces the unwritten social norms within your organization, the perceived strengths and barriers throughout your talent systems, and any variances or inequities as experienced by employees, especially your talent of color. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, these variances exist and we will help you unearth and ultimately, address them.

The REI process:

  • Illuminates in real time as colleagues hear what might be counter-narratives to their own daily workplace lived experiences.
  • Provides powerful insights and suggested solutions to your organization’s most vexing DEI challenges directly from the voice of employees.
  • Allows leaders to co-create with employees meaningful change to your organization’s talent systems and culture, where needed, to work for all.
  • Relationship and context building with your project team and employee resource groups (ERGs).
  • Information gathering sessions where the same set of questions are asked of all participating employees in 1:1’s, small/affinity group, or large group interviews via phone, video conference, or anonymous live chat formats.
  • A validation session where employees have the opportunity to learn about emerging themes and validate our initial findings to ensure they were heard correctly, prior to the completion of the final report.
  • Preliminary findings shared and iterated with the project team.
  • Final report approved by project team and presented to leadership.

The result is strong, internal alignment, as well as a critical path and accountability for advancing racial equity within your organization. The REI is delivered in partnership with Unleashed Strengths Based Consulting and Coaching.

Alesha Arscott

Founder and CEO

Alesha Arscott is the Founder and CEO of Unleashed, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to implementing strengths-based practices with individuals, teams, organizations, and students to achieve breakthrough results in life, school, and work. Prior to founding Unleashed, Alesha was the Chief Talent Officer for STRIVE Preparatory Schools, a charter management organization serving 3,700 students across 11 schools in Denver, Colorado. Alesha led STRIVE’s talent strategy and operations including hiring, onboarding, performance management, organizational development, human resources, and diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI).