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Companies, organizations, and leaders can play a crucial role in addressing racism and racial disparities. Inclusive Leaders Group is a black woman-owned firm that is committed to helping our clients and society become more inclusive and equitable for all, especially Black and other People of Color. We do this through advisory, assessment and training services in the areas of race equity, inclusion, social justice, strategic planning, and organizational change.

2020-2021 has brought longstanding racial inequities, such as those in health care, employment, compensation, career advancement, and social justice, into intense focus. These crises have compelled CEOs and their leadership teams to act — as employers, bosses, recruiters, and as members of society — to finally begin to advance racial equity and dismantle systemic racism.

We All Pay a Price for Racial Inequity

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Percentage of workers who reported being treated unfairly at work due to their race or ethnicity and identified co-workers as the source of the unfair treatment.

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Percentage of workers who reported being treated unfairly at work due to their race or ethnicity and identified human resources as the source of the unfair treatment.

$ 0 B

Cost of turnover in U.S. businesses in the last five years due to unfair treatment of employees based on race or ethnicity.

$ 0 B

Cost of productivity lost by U.S. businesses in the past year due to unfair treatment of employees based on race or ethnicity.

$ 0 B

Cost of absenteeism to U.S. businesses in the past year due to unfair treatment of employees based on race or ethnicity.

Our Race Equity Advisory, Assessment, and Education Services

Advisory Services

Gain insight into leading and managing teams through times of transition. Workshops and coaching designed for executives, board, and leadership teams focused on transforming workplace cultures toward equity and inclusion.

As you proceed to evolve from an equal opportunity employer to a workplace culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging Inclusive Leaders Group is ready to support your team, management, and leadership with 1:1 coaching and team strategy discussions. Goals for these sessions will be tailored for each leader or team.


Our Racial Equity Audit is, at its core, an independent, objective and holistic analysis of a company’s policies, practices, products, services and efforts to combat systemic racism in order to end discrimination within or exhibited by the company with respect to its employees, customers, patients, suppliers or other stakeholders.  Our racial equity assessment is an important step to operationalizing racial equity and inclusion.

Awareness, Education & Training

Our courses, town halls, and keynotes challenge and inspire teams to become advocates and allies.  We create brave space to explore identities, power, and privilege. We rely on evidence-based frameworks, experiential learning, and building rapport to help you learn how to be a change leader for racial equity and equality

Each client engagement is fully customized following a needs assessment to be responsive to the objectives and desired development outcomes of your team.

The Inclusive Enterprise


Charlotte Hughes, host of The Inclusive Enterprise Podcast regularly produces episodes about Race, Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Allyship, and Inclusive Leadership.

The mediums of audio and video are particularly powerful ways to share authentic, lived experiences and storytelling” says Charlotte.

Invited special guests include, racial equity high-performing corporate executives, Black History and university faculty, and Recent episodes include “Transforming the Recruiting and Hiring Process by Mitigating Inherent Biases” and “How You Can Fight Systemic Racism in the Workplace”.

Screenshot CFH talking Podcast -blue scarf

Speak up, speak out, get in the way. Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America” is the famous quote regarding racial equality and social justice by the late Congressman John Lewis.

Lewis, a legend of the Civil Rights movement, a leader of the 1963 March on Washington, and an icon for racial equality and equity for more than five decades, passed away on July 17, 2020, in the midst of another widespread uprising for racial justice and equality in the U.S.

Employers and their leaders and managers must get in good trouble, necessary trouble to address Racism and Racial Equity in the workplace through awareness, empathy, education, allyship, inclusive leadership and organizational culture change.”

Charlotte F. Hughes, CEO and Principal Consultant, Inclusive Leaders Group, LLC

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