Embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Your Talent Management Practices

Inclusive talent management focuses on disrupting biases and embedding cultural competence in key talent management areas, including Attraction & Recruitment, Interviewing & Selection, Onboarding, Communication & Engagement, Performance, Onboarding, Training & Development, Career Development, and Succession Planning.

We collaborate with HR, Talent Management Leaders and Teams to incorporate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging throughout the Talent Lifecycle.

We Coach and Train HR Leaders and Teams How to Deliver an Inclusive Employee Experience

Charlotte Hughes and the Inclusive Leaders Group, LLC team has partnered and served with numerous Fortune 500 corporations, large health systems and hospitals, not-for-profit organizations and industry associations in applying a DEIB lens to their talent management practices creating more inclusive HR systems to remove barriers that prevent the career advancement of women, Black, and underrepresented people of color.

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Our Inclusive Talent Management Strategy Development, Education, and Keynotes

Our solutions empower your CHRO, HR/Talent Management teams, and ALL people involved responsible for executing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging through the organization, including hiring managers and department heads.  Inclusive Leaders Group’s consultants have advanced HR degrees and hold SHRM, Human Capital Institute, ATD, and The Institute for Diversity Certifications.  We cover all strategic talent management components including:


What does your organization do to be an attractive & inclusive employer of diverse talent?


What opportunities are available and processes in place for all talent to succeed?


How do you ensure bias-free performance management practices and include diverse talent in succession planning?


How are the needs of diverse talent addressed?

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