Inclusive Talent Management

“Inclusive talent management aligns talent management and diversity and inclusion, embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the talent life cycle” – Charlotte F. Hughes

While most employers establish talent management goals to ensure they attract and retain employees who represent diverse groups, many fall short of these goals.

Inclusive Leaders Group’s consultations and training initiatives offers a fresh perspective that reframes talent management by examining processes and practices for; attraction & recruiting, interviewing & selection, communication & engagement, performance, training & development, and career development & succession planning.

Clients learn and develop strategies for reducing bias and increasing organizational effectiveness by aligning talent management with DEI strategies and business objectives. 

Strategic Talent Management through the Lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Common client objectives:

  • Examine and gain a systemic inclusive approach to talent management.
  • Understand emerging trends in inclusive recruitment, onboarding, and employee engagement.
  • Have HR and Talent Management teams engage with exercises and case studies to challenge current thinking about recruitment, onboarding, retention, and other talent management components.
  • Develop strategies and success measures for aligning talent management with the business goals and DEI objectives of their DEI strategic plan.

The Inclusive Leadership Group Talent Programs team applies fresh and innovative ideas and tactics to ensure that DEI is throughout the employee experience.