Susan H. May, PhD

Senior Advisor

Susan H. May, PhD is passionate about helping to create an inclusive world and inclusive workplaces where more of us can be fully ourselves and where we can use our differences for collective benefit and better outcomes.

For Inclusive Leaders Group clients, Susan is an accomplished Leadership and Organization Development Consultant and Coach with more than 35 years of experience working with diverse groups and organizations to increase individual and collective effectiveness and inclusion, and brings particular depth, curiosity, and enthusiasm to her work.

Susan has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for more than 20 years and earned her PhD from City University of New York, MS from City University of New York and BS from Mount Holyoke College.

Her specialties for Inclusive Leaders Group is supporting leaders and organizations in bringing inclusion to life through virtual workshops, consulting, education, coaching, and assessment in the areas of Mental Health Diversity and Inclusion. Veterans Inclusion, Disability Inclusion, and Neurodiversity and Autism at Work are also some of her focus areas.

Dr. May also performs Clinical Psychologist-Primary Care-Mental Health Integration for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  She is located directly within the primary care unit where she provides veterans with improved access as well as early identification and intervention for their mental health concerns.

Dr. May’s early love of mysteries and puzzle solving contributes to her eagerness to intervene in a variety of complex individual and organizational situations. In addition, Dr. May reaches larger audiences in keynote speaking engagements and as an on-air specialist for media outlets including CNN.