Ebony Schumake Berry

Senior Consultant

Ebony Schumake Berry brings over a decade of experience leading cross-functional teams, driving change and creating diverse health and wellness programs to Inclusive Leaders Group.
Ebony is a polished facilitator and consultant, passionate about helping organizations build inclusive workplace wellness cultures. Her signature course is INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE WELLNESS: DEVELOPING CULTURALLY COMPETENT EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING. This course examines advancing multicultural competent, and inclusive environments within well-being best practices

As a facilitator, Ebony’s agility allows her to align with her clients’ needs, adeptly facilitating discussions for a team of six or delivering sessions for hundreds of participants across a global organization’s international footprint.
Ebony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and Health Promotion from Central Michigan University and her Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix.

Ebony Berry is the Global Wellness Benefits Partner for FIS and drives the global wellness initiatives for 60,000 employees. Before joining FIS, Ebony served as the Senior Program Manager at Whirlpool Corporation’s North American headquarters in Benton Harbor, MI.
Confident and experienced in print and commercial advertisements. Ebony made a radio appearance where she interviewed on a Midwest talk show with fitness celebrities Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks while at Whirlpool. She was the first program manager to offer the Dance It Out Fitness® certification to 30 fitness instructors in the Midwest. She also has six published articles on AllWomensTalk online magazine.
She loves sports, enjoys Salsa dancing, writing, and volunteering in her local community.