Beckett Maravelias

Senior Consultant

Beckett Maravelias is an educator, strategist, consultant and leader in the Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion space. As an EDI practitioner and ILG Senior Consultant, Beckett brings to their work over a decade of deep and extensive experience developing, implementing, and leading EDI programs, trainings, and organizational initiatives within academic medicine, community mental health, and for numerous nonprofits. In their role as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Specialist for UCLA Health, Beckett is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of organizational educational frameworks
and strategic learning initiatives that promote and foster equity, inclusivity, and cultural humility for all UCLA Health staff, patients, and communities.

Prior to joining UCLA Health, Beckett served as an EDI Leader, Educator, and Program Manager for Stanford Health Care and the Stanford University School of Medicine, where they founded, designed, and led novel EDI initiatives, ERGs, and educational and training programs for the faculty and staff of the Stanford University Health system, Medical School, and Department of External Relations.In varying capacities throughout their career, Beckett has also worked in political and community organizing, LGBTQ+ advocacy, anti-racist activism, organizational development, and systems’ and culture change. They have extensive experience building coalitions, communities, funding streams, and learning frameworks to support organizations and initiatives that prioritize the advancement of health equity, employ community-driven systems change frameworks, and center racial, gender, and social justice in their work and leadership.

Beckett received their BA, with high honors, from Wesleyan University, where they studied social and political theory, history, and creative writing. Their academic research, thought, and writing has focused on environmental racism, health equity, institutional negligence, and biopolitical geographies of health,  illness, exclusion, and belonging. They have published work on the philosopher Michel Foucault and
have been the recipient of numerous grants and writing awards. In their free time, Beckett enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and spending time in their Los Angeles home with their partner Maria and their two cats, Huckleberry and Jasper Marie.